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Different types of hot springs and their functions (I)

Different types of hot springs and their functions (I)

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Hot spring is a kind of spring water, strictly speaking, it comes out of the ground naturally, and the temperature of the spring mouth is significantly higher than the local average annual temperature
Hot spring is a kind of spring water, strictly speaking, it comes out of the ground naturally, and the temperature of the spring mouth is significantly higher than the local average annual temperature and 45 degrees below (equal to) the natural outcrop of groundwater is called hot spring, and it contains mineral water with trace elements beneficial to human health. On the other hand, what is extracted from the ground and artificially heated are also called hot springs.
Chen yanbing, a Chinese medical mineral spring expert, believes in mineral springs and recuperation that hot springs generally contain trace elements with various active effects and have certain salinity, and the temperature of the spring water is often higher than 30℃. Warm mineral springs have certain medical effects on many diseases. Low hot spring (38-40℃) has a sedative effect on the human body, and has certain benefits for neurasthenia, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, rheumatism and so on. High hot spring above 43℃, at the same time has a significant effect on cardiovascular disease, can improve physique, enhance resistance and prevent disease. Added hot spring: most of the hot spring water in guangdong belongs to low-temperature spring water, which contains rich minerals. At the same time, the cantonese who are good at raising girls play a lot of tricks in the hot spring, adding various substances such as red wine, traditional Chinese medicine, flowers and plants, so that the medical treatment and beauty effect of the hot spring is better.
1) sulfur spring
Ingredients: sulfur ion, metasilicate acid, fluoride, polysulfide, sodium NA+, potassium K+, iron Fe, Ca+, magnesium Mg, copper Cu., fluorine F-, selenium Se, strontium Sr, etc.
Characteristics: the color is yellowish green
Principle: sulfur hot springs mainly rely on sulfur, this mineral has a strong antibacterial, antipruritic effect. In addition, the heat from the hot spring water can also improve microcirculation on the skin surface, which can speed up the recovery of problematic skin. Has the auxiliary function to the skin disease treatment; The small colloidal sulfur molecules contained in the spring water are easy to enter the body tissue and act as a catalyst to remove waste from the skin and kidneys. Therefore, the sulfur spring also plays a role in metabolic diseases.
Efficacy: the scabies, neurodermatitis, chronic eczema, itching, dry skin, skin conditions such as psoriasis, beriberi has obvious curative effect and prevention: for chronic gynecopathy, chronic gastroenteritis, rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis, muscle strain, neurasthenia, the role of the cardiovascular sclerosis with ease: to enhance the body immune function, make the skin more tender and smooth. It has the effect of softening the cuticle of the skin, and has the effect of preventing oxygen and detoxification.
Applicable group: applicable to all groups. For different people, there are different applicable values.
(2) silk water plain spring
Ingredients: metasilicate acid, fluoride, polysulfide, sodium NA+, potassium K+, iron Fe, zinc Zn, calcium Ca+, magnesium Mg, copper Cu., fluorine F-, selenium Se, strontium Sr, etc.
Features: white, precipitation will become clear after a period of time.
How it works: the water is mildly alkaline, and contains super tiny bubbles of hydrogen and rich hot spring material ingredients, with silky lubrication and touch. These tiny bubbles of hydrogen have been incorporated into the water, giving it a milky white color that looks like milk and makes the water smooth and comfortable. Hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe. It penetrates the body's cells and ACTS as an antioxidant. And bubble enters the pore that because bubble soup is heated and open inside, make skin more lubricious, exquisite. Super penetration of water quality and cleansing power has an instant moisturizing effect on the skin, as if immersed in the general make-up water, make the skin breathe more smoothly, more healthy, achieve the goal of skin activation, youth, beauty. Additional, besides adjusting human body ph, still can strengthen human body metabolism and promote blood circulation, achieve the function of healthy health care thereby.
Efficacy: sericin USES tiny air bubbles to remove dirt in pores, and can improve the absorption ability of trace elements and enhance skin immunity. Bubble can enter because bubble soup is heated inside the pore that opens, eliminate adsorption the dirt word in the hole, make skin becomes smooth after entering bath.
Applicable group: it applies to all groups of people and has different applicable values for different people.
(3) iron springs
A, iron bicarbonate spring: contains iron ion carbonic acid body. Contact with the air produces brown sediment, the water color is not red earth color, is the ideal recuperation springs. The politician drinking the spring water is very effective.
B. Ferric sulfate spring: the vitriol spring containing iron sulfate has excellent hematopoietic effect, and is effective for patients with rheumatism, menopause disorders, uterine dysplasia, eczema and other diseases.
Applicable group: applicable to all groups. For different people, there are different applicable values.
(4) carbonated spring
Efficacy: carbonated spring is known as "heart spring", its main medical care function is as follows: improve cardiovascular, promote peripheral vascular dilation, increase venous blood flow, eliminate congestion symptoms, improve blood circulation, reduce heart burden, slow down pulse, drop blood pressure, so it can treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Such as peripheral vascular circulation disorders, chronic myocarditis, first, second stage hypertension, early atherosclerosis. But to acute coronary artery function is not complete, 3 period hypertension and arteriosclerosis, acute period rheumatic heart disease is unfavorable bath is used. Can strengthen the human metabolism function, improve the organization nutrition.
5. Se-enriched springs
Efficacy: can enhance immune function, protect biological cell membrane, significantly promote blood circulation, prevent skin aging, reduce carcinogenic substances to induce cancer, eliminate mutated cancer cells in the body to prevent the division and growth of cancer cells, activate the immune system to prevent cancer, etc. It can prevent senescence and tissue hardening caused by oxidation. Helps to treat hot flashes and irritability of female menopause; Helps prevent and treat dandruff.
6 Wells of iodine
Efficacy: iodine is essential for life, many people need to supplement iodine, iodine fountain can obviously activate the body's defense function. People are immersed in hot springs containing iodine. Iodide ions can be absorbed and utilized by the body through the skin. The increase of iodine content in the blood can improve the immune function of the body, promote the absorption of exudates, soften scars, significantly reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration for various inflammation. In the meantime, iodine spring still can reduce blood fat, make cerebral phospholipid drops apparently, prevent thrombus to form, have definite effect to arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure and hypertension.
All landowners radon springs
Efficacy: radon spring water is magical and unique, which is a rare hot spring containing radon in China. Hydrogen is a kind of gas, when entering the human nervous tissue and skin, help to promote the metabolism of human tissue and skin, can balance female secretion disorder, skin care and beauty, help sleep, reduce fatigue and pain. Radon spring bath has a special effect on strengthening heart muscle points, blood pressure system, nervous system and endocrine system.
Today metasilicate spring
Efficacy: metasilicate acid is easy to be absorbed, which can effectively maintain electrolyte balance and physiological function of human body. Has the good softens the blood vessel function to the human body, may cause the human blood vessel wall to maintain the elasticity, therefore to the arteriosclerosis, the cardiovascular and the heart disease may have the obvious relief effect. The silicon content in water was negatively correlated with the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Silicon plays a physiological role in the process of bone formation, which affects the speed of bone formation. The silicon element in metasilicate acid can play the role of "cleaner" on the skin, with the effect of softening the skin horny, anti-aging, make the skin smooth, and so on.
Pet-name ruby blue lake in spring
Efficacy: blue lake spring can not only sterilize, but also have special therapeutic effect on arthritis, hypertension, rheumatism and hemiplegia. Besides, it can nourish the Yin, nourish the beauty, calm the nerves and relieve fatigue. Blue lake contains unique active ingredients and minerals such as silicon and sulfur, which can purify and activate blood circulation, help to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases, and has the effect of skin care and beauty.
Attending strontium springs
Effect: strontium is mainly related to the formation of bone. It is also related to the function and structure of blood vessels, and its mechanism may be that strontium competes with sodium in the intestinal absorption site, thereby reducing the absorption of sodium by the human body and increasing the excretion of sodium. Too much sodium in the body can easily lead to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, while strontium can reduce the absorption of sodium in the body, so it can also prevent diseases. Strontium is also associated with the excitement of nerves and muscles, and has been used in clinical use of various compounds urticaria and parathyroid dysfunction caused by convulsions.
⑾ alkaline springs
Efficacy: the human body is acidic constitution, acidic constitution makes people grow old before age, the skin flabby, wrinkles increase, memory decline, bubble alkaline spring can maintain the acid base balance, can reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, bright and beautiful. It can wash away the acidic wastes accumulated in subcutaneous tissues, making skin more elastic and firm.
⑿ hydrogen-rich springs
Efficacy: when bathing, hundreds of millions of pores of the whole body are opened, and the hydrogen molecules in the water are absorbed into the body by the breath of mouth and nose, so that the cells can be quickly moistened, detoxified and maintained, which has the best effect on scavenging oxygen free radicals and treating diabetes and other chronic diseases. At the same time, hydrogen molecules entering the human body can also play a variety of additional benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells, inhibiting gene damage, anti-radiation protection, etc., through selective anti-oxidation, to prevent the aging of the body: to prevent hypertension: to relieve allergy symptoms, to improve diabetes.
Iiaki radioactive energy spring
Efficacy: when the water contains radium and oxygen above 3.5me, it is called radioactive spring. Radioactive spring - general have a stimulating effect, especially on the cell division vigorous tissue easy to control. In addition, anemia and bone disorders are also effective, and have the role of increasing white blood cells. Radioactive spring contains radon gas and radium. It is effective for patients with diabetes, neuralgia, rheumatism and gout.
[14] salt springs
Efficacy: salt will stick to the skin after soaking in salt hot spring, which can improve the skin tissue. Salt spring cold hands and feet, anemia, diabetes and allergic bronchitis have the effect of improvement, but tuberculosis and hypertension, it is not suitable. After bathing in the hot spring, salt will be left on the skin, which has a good moisturizing effect, so you won't feel cold after the hot spring bath. Still have hair sweat effect, can promote the metabolism of human body, because this has curative effect to rheumatism, neuralgia, skin disease and viscera disease.
⒂ magnesium carbonate springs
Efficacy: magnesium can accelerate blood circulation, calm nerves, and quickly relieve muscle, back, joint pain, neuralgia and rheumatism. Magnesium carbonate spring gives the skin a special lubrication feeling, can soften and dissolve the skin epithelium, purify the skin fat and secretions: increase the excretion function of the skin, promote the evaporation of the skin surface moisture, enhance the skin temperature of the diverge, make the cool feeling after the bath. Hairdressing edge effect, reduce dandruff; Beauty and health care effect, improve immunity, cure dermatitis, relieve fatigue.
Sodium fluoride has displayed springs
Efficacy: it can soften and dissolve skin epithelium, purify skin fat and secretions, increase the excretion function of the skin, promote the evaporation of moisture on the skin surface, enhance the dispersion of skin temperature, and make the skin cool after the bath. In addition, it can enhance metabolism, reduce blood sugar and eliminate uric acid, and has a good effect on trauma, traumatic sequelae, chronic appendicitis, diabetes, gout and other diseases. Can reduce the damage of teeth, mainly used in the treatment of oral diseases, such as dental caries and dentine allergies, at the same time, for the treatment of osteoporosis also has a certain effect.